Star Citizen Alpha 3.11 Update

Star Citizen is free to play until February 25th

Cloud Imperium has announced that Star Citizen is currently free to play for a limited time. From today and until February 25th, PC gamers can download and play it.

This F2P version gives you access to Star Citizen Alpha 3.12 and all of the ships featured here. You can also experience the dogfighting action of Arena Commander. Additionally, the FPS action of Star Marine will be available for the duration of the Free Fly event.

Star Citizen promises to combine classic space sim gameplay with boundary-pushing visuals in a massively multiplayer setting. Players can shift paths from cargo hauler to outlaw, explorer, or any other role, whenever you want. Players will also able to explore multiple planets and moons, including vast cities and underground caverns, all created with a unique combination of procedural planet technology and complementary hand-crafted design.

For those wondering, Star Citizen’s single-player mode, Squadron 42, is nowhere close to completion. Back in December 2020, Chris Roberts claimed that he does not want to release a buggy game, similar to Cyberpunk 2077.

Have fun!