Command & Conquer: Generals Remake Mod Beta for Red Alert 3 released

Gunship_Mark_II has released a beta version of his Command & Conquer: Generals Remake Mod for Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3. As its title suggests, this mod aims to bring C&C: Generals to the Red Alert engine, featuring great performance and some cool stuff.

Going into more details, Gunship_Mark_II and his team has ported almost every unit from the original game. They also added some brand new units to spice up gameplay a bit. These new units include: Laser Crusader, Laser Paladin, Laser Humvee, Laser Comanche, Bombcars, Katyusha, Armadillo Outpost.

Furthermore, players can expect almost every special power from C&C Generals, from Fuel Air Bomb to A10 Missile Strike. The team has also implemented the majority of unit upgrades, and has managed to properly implement SkirmishAI. The mod also has all 9 generals into the game, albeit on basic level.

You can download the mod from here. Below you can also find the team’s future plans.

Brand new things we want to see:
  • Add missing units like chinooks and faction specific units like King Raptor.
  • More infantry units, we currently have only basic infantry in the mod.
  • Some sort of short disjointed single-player campaign.
  • A couple of CO-OP missions, as well as brand new Skirmish maps.
Things we’d need to polish:
  • All Faction Structures.
  • SkirmishAI needs a complete rewrite and overhaul.
  • Polish existing units, fix their issues to our best abilities.
  • More differences between generals/subfactions.
  • Tune up performance where possible.
  • Refactor huge pieces of code to be more efficient.
  • VFX work, things like Nuclear Missile were super rushed, and it shows.
  • More sounds for all things.