Star Citizen Alpha 3.3-1

Star Citizen Alpha 3.7 available to all backers, adds new gameplay features, full patch notes revealed

Cloud Imperium has released Star Citizen 3.7 to all backers. This new alpha version adds numerous new gameplay features, improves other gameplay aspects, and fixes various bugs. In order to celebrate this release, the team has also released a new trailer that you can find below.

Going into more details, Star Citizen Alpha 3.7 updates character customizer,  flashlight projection and stamina usage to increase sprint time and regeneration rates. Moreover, it improves AI combat ship behavior for more dynamic target selection and engagement based on relevant threats.

Version 3.7 also improves the chat interface and multiple channel support for VOIP/FOIP. It also reworks and reintroduces the level 5 crimestat mission, and temporarily removes several city locations from the delivery system.

Regarding its new features, Star Citizen Alpha 3.7 adds ship rental kiosks and allows players to mine small rocks for valuable commodities while on foot. Furthermore, it adds a new IFCS system (Proximity Assist), a new FPS weapon and a new ship weapon.

The full patch notes for Alpha 3.7 are pretty lengthy, so I suggest visiting its official website. Cloud Imperium has brought numerous additions, improvements and fixes, so there is no point at all bombarding you with a huge wall of text.


Star Citizen: Alpha 3.7 Playable Now