Star Citizen Alpha 3.11 Update

Star Citizen Alpha 3.11: High Impact available for download, new teaser trailer for Squadron 42 released

Cloud Imperium released today Star Citizen Alpha 3.11: High Impact. In addition, the team has shared a new teaser trailer for Squadron 42.

The Star Citizen — Alpha 3.11: High Impact update packs three new Origin 100 series starter ships. Additionally, pilots can expect a new element of danger with the removal of Armistice Zones around a selection of existing locations.

“Expect more combat near space stations. Pilots may now be attacked by other players when entering or leaving a variety of space stations. The update also adds security forces and turret systems to maintain law and order in these heavily trafficked hubs as a result.”

In addition to Armistice Zone changes and the new 100 Series of ships, Alpha 3.11: High Impact also introduces new force reactions and high-powered weapons, as well as improvements to planetary art, expanded prison gameplay, and a new inventory UI.

The teaser trailer for Squadron 42 is a brief fly through of the Aciedo Space Station. Set in the Odin system, the Aciedo Space Station is one of the first major locations players will visit.

Lastly, Chris Roberts, Brian Chambers and Director Nick Elms will deliver a video update on Squadron 42 this Saturday.


The Briefing Room: Aciedo Teaser

Star Citizen: Alpha 3.11 - High Impact