SSF4AE PC plagued with keyboard and gamepad issues – Fix coming soon

Although Capcom’s much anticipated fighting game has finally been released on the PC, it is plagued with some annoying bugs that might put off some PC gamers. According to a lot of gamers, some keyboard and gamepads are not working at all. If you experience this bug, there is a temporary workaround. All you have to do is download this XInput Keyboard Emulator and follow its instructions.
Despite this particular issue, we’d suggest to everyone that is interested in SSF4AE’s PC version to buy it. Why? Because Capcom is already looking into this and will soon release a patch that will fix all those incompatibilities. Still, we have to wonder how the hell this bug passed Capcom’s internal Q&A testing.
Moreover, Capcom will release in the coming days a patch that will remove the game’s DRM and will add support for Nvidia’s 3D vision.