Square Enix sues over Deus Ex Preview Leak

All this time, we’ve been wondering who was behind Deus Ex: Human Revolution’s Preview Leak. Was it someone from the previewers or someone inside the Deus Ex team? Apparently, none of them. According to a sue that Square Enix filed, unknown Italian individuals infiltrated its invite-only preview of the new “Deus Ex: Human Revolution” game, downloaded it, and distributed the preview to third parties.
According to the complaint (all credits go to Patent Arcade), Square Enix arranged a limited preview of an unpublished version of the game for select members of the video game press.
Unknown individuals logged into the restricted internet portal to view the game preview using Italian’s game magazine, GMC, access information. We should also note that this was done without the permission or knowledge of the GMC reviewer, and came from an IP address not associated with GMC.
Square Enix cites damages in excess of $5000, and are seeking a permanent injunction of copying and republishing against defendants, as well as actual and statutory damages, and attorney’s fees and costs.