TRIALS of MANA feature 2

Square Enix removes Trials of Mana demo due to an exploit that allowed you to play the full game

Trials of Mana is the latest JRPG that Square Enix released. The game uses the Denuvo anti-tamper tech and surprisingly enough, the Japanese company released a demo of it on Steam. However, it appears that pirates could bypass and play the full game via this demo. And, as you may have guessed, this forced Square Enix to completely remove it.

The demo of Trials of Mana allowed you to play a respectable section of the game. And, as pirates have discovered, it was possible to use the demo files in order to play the full version. This bypass worked flawlessly, which is why Square Enix removed the demo from Steam.

It will be interesting to see whether the Japanese company will re-release the Trials of Mana demo. It will also be interesting to see whether it will fix the exploit in order to prevent pirates from playing the full version.

Square Enix has not commented on whether the demo will re-appear on Steam. It’s worth noting that something similar happened with the PC demo of Detroit: Become Human. And while it took Quantic Dream a couple of weeks, its demo is now – once again – available on Epic Games Store.

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