Squadron 42 Mark Hamill

Squadron 42 has been, once again, delayed, no ETA on beta or final release date

I’m pretty sure that most of you already saw that coming. In December 2018, Cloud Imperium claimed that the beta for Squadron 42 would be launched in Q2 2020. Then, in August 2019, the team claimed that the beta has been delayed by twelve weeks. And yesterday, Chris Roberts stated that the beta has been, once again, delayed.

Now the good news is that Duke Nukem Forever and Squadron 42 have something in common. Similarly to DNF, Squadron 42 has a “WID” release date window. Duke Nukem Forever was the first game that sported this “When It’s Done” release date window. Let’s at least hope though that Squadron 42 will not feel as outdated and average as Duke Nukem Forever was when it finally came out.

As Chris Roberts said:

“The best answer for your question is Squadron 42 will be done when it is done, and will not be released just to make a date but instead once all the tech and content is finished, polished and it plays great. I am not willing to compromise making a game I believe in with all my heart and soul, and even though everyone (including me) wants Squadron 42 sooner than later, it would be doing a huge disservice to everyone working really hard on the project and all of you that are looking forward to it to deliver something that isn’t great.”

What’s really alarming here is the claim that the tech for Squadron 42 is not ready yet. This could hint at a long delay, so we may not get the beta even in 2021.

Chris Roberts concluded that Cloud Imperium still has a ways to go before we are in Beta. So yeah, don’t expect to be playing it soon.