PlayStation 4 feature

Spine is a new Playstation 4 emulator, 20-50 games can go in-game, demo available for download

Back in February 2020, we informed you about a PS4 emulator that could run some commercial games. However, it appears that there is another Playstation 4 emulator under development. This emulator is called Spine and is only available for Linux.

According to its creator, there are 20-50 games that can go in-game with this emulator. Now obviously these games have a lot of artifacts and glitches. Not only that, but most of them are indie games. So yeah, don’t expect playing Marvel’s Spider-Man on your PC anytime soon. Still, it’s really fascinating witnessing these baby steps for the Playstation 4 emulators.

As said, this emulator is only available for Linux and you can download its demo version from here. I’m pretty sure that most of you won’t find it useful (as most PC gamers are using Windows instead of Linux). Nevertheless, here is a PS4 emulator that you can run it for yourselves.

Again, you should temper your expectations as both Spine and GPCS4 are in very early development stages. I mean, RPCS3 is still unable to run at full speed most of PS3’s triple-A games. So yeah, don’t expect to see below God of War running in 4K and with 60fps.


spine - Still Alive