Spec Ops: The Line PC – Pre-purchase on Steam and receive the Premium Edition for FREE

Good news for Spec Ops fans as the PC version is available for pre-purchase on Steam. Those who decide to pre-purchase it will receive the Premium Edition that Includes the FUBAR Pack for Free. The FUBAR Pack is basically some Officer Class Gameplay bonuses that are packed with the Clan Accessory Pack. The Clan Accessory Pack comes with exclusive skins/accessories for all classes and unique and visually distinctive items.
The Officer Class Gameplay Bonuses, on the other hand, increase effectiveness of other classes, increase teammate’s firepower against enemies, decrease teammate’s damage taken against enemies, trigger ammo drops and grenade drops for teammates and offer a unique officer class kit.
2K Games will also release a PC demo for Spec Ops: The Line on June 12th.
Enjoy and stay tuned for more!