Space Hulk: Tactics will offer gamers an easy to use and powerful Mission Creator tool

Focus Home Interactive and Cyanide have announced that an easy to use but incredibly powerful Mission Creator tool for Space Hulk: Tactics will be released. Available now in beta for anyone who pre-orders on Steam, this tool can be used to create an infinite combination of layouts and tilesets.

The publisher has released a new trailer dedicated to this Map Editor, in which we learn the ins and outs of making our own missions quickly and easily. Mappers will be able to change layouts and looks, add logic, and link elements with just a single button press, with testing done on the fly from within the editor itself.

Custom Terminator squads and Genestealer swarms can also be designated for each map, as well as unique rulesets, restrictions, and opportunities for either side.

Focus Home Interactive has also created specific forums for players to talk about their creations, creating threads for everything from asking for advice to providing a space for narrative to link a selection of maps that they’ve made. Maps can be found easily in-game through various search and filter tools, including for map creators.

Space Hulk: Tactics is currently scheduled for an October 9th release.


Space Hulk: Tactics - Map Editor Trailer