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Sony has acquired Bungie for $3.6 billion

Sony has announced that it has acquired the studio behind the original Halo and the Destiny games, Bungie. According to the company, Sony has acquired Bungie for $3.6 billion.

SIE president and CEO Jim Ryan, said:

“We’ve had a strong partnership with Bungie since the inception of the Destiny franchise, and I couldn’t be more thrilled to officially welcome the studio to the PlayStation family.”

Now what’s interesting here is Bungie will remain an independent subsidiary with the option to publish where they want. Or at least that’s what Sony claims. However, I’m certain that Sony did not pay over $3 billion just so that Bungie can keep releasing multi-platform games. So yeah, while Bungie may release some games on multiple platforms, we can assume that some of its future high-quality games will release exclusively on PS5 (or on both PS5 and PC).

This comes two weeks after Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision.

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