Sonic the Hedgehog Gets A Cool Fan Film – AVGN Makes An Appearance

Okay Sonic fans, get ready for a nice surprise. We’ve seen in the past some awful fan films that were based on SEGA’s mascot, Sonic. Most of you thought that a proper Sonic movie was not possible, right? Well, you were partially right. BlueCoreStudios released today its fan-made Sonic film, in which AVGN makes a cameo appearance. Sonic looks F’ing incredible, though the whole acting is kind of meh. Also, dialogs sound louder than the environmental and special sound effects, making the whole film feel a bit cheap and unprofessional (this can be easily spotted on the Sonic fight at 10:30 mark). Still, this is way better than what we got in the past, so make sure to give it a go!
Sonic - (Sonic the Hedgehog Fan Film) (Spec Film)