Sonic Generations PC – New Update Released

Okay, I’ll be honest here; I’m really surprised by SEGA’s support for the PC version of Sonic Generations. Normally, I wouldn’t expect any post-launch support from SEGA, but Sonic Generations PC was released one week ago, and there have already been two updates for it. It’s a miracle – and ironic at the same time provided that Sonic was the mascot for all of SEGA’s consoles – as the company is offering the best version of Sonic’s latest adventures to our beloved platform. Oh, and the game runs super-smooth – compared to the console versions.
As always, the update will be auto-downloaded next time you start the Steam client.
Here is the complete changelog:
– USA flag is now correctly displayed in Online Mode.
– Fixed an issue where the Shop menu would become unresponsive at low frame rates.
– More accurate timing clock to 60Hz—may fix some issues with fluctuant frame rates.
– Updated default keyboard layout.
– Keyboard controls now correctly support drift.
– Screen display has been sharpened when AA is disabled.