Jurassic Park feature1

Someone is remaking the first-person sections of Jurassic Park SNES in the Unity Engine for the PC

Jurassic Park for SNES is perhaps my most favourite Jurassic Park game ever released. Yeah yeah, it’s a console game and I’m talking about 16-bit consoles. Shame on me. However, I can’t deny the fact that I’m a big fan of the 16-bit consoles (though I prefer SNES over Mega Drive). And now imagine my excitement when I found out that someone was recreating the first-person sections from Jurassic Park SNES in the Unity Engine.

Spotted by IndieRetroNews, Visitor Center is described as a lovingly crafted “cover” of the first-person interiors from Jurassic Park on the SNES. Currently, this fan game features only the Visitor Center FPS section from Jurassic Park SNES.

Created by Jeff Lindsay, there is a demo for you to download at its official website. Do note that this is a WIP project and that it lacks a lot of polish. The demo also does not support mouse. Still, it’s simply astonishing witnessing this SNES game (that ran with 20fps? 10fps?) running silky smooth on the PC.

Jeff Lindsay plans to add full computer terminal experience and properly swinging doors in the next beta version. I also hope that Jeff will recreate more buildings from Jurassic Park SNES and pack them all together for the ultimate retro-experience.


Visitor Center Gameplay (1.0b)