SOMA has sold 450K units in its first year, at least 56% coming from the PC

Frictional Games announced today that SOMA has sold 450K units in its first year. And while the team has not provided any individual sale numbers for the two platforms for which the game was made available, we can predict the number of copies that were sold on the PC thanks to SteamSpy.

According to SteamSpy, SOMA has sold 251K copies on the PC. This basically means that 56% of the game’s total sales are coming from Steam.


SOMA was also available on GOG, so that percentage could be higher. Since we don’t have any GOG numbers though, we can conclude that at least 56% of the total sales are coming from the PC.

Moreover, the game broke even, and was described as a big success.

As Frictional Games’ Thomas Grip wrote:

“Despite a bloated budget and tough sell, here we are a year later having earned back every single dime spent. And not only that; we earned well past the break-even point! The project was a big success and we are able to keep doing games with scope and quality comparable to SOMA. In fact, our goal is to aim higher still.”