Sniper Elite V2 – The Neudorf Outpost Pack Is Now Available On Steam

Rebellion has released a new DLC for the PC version of Sniper Elite V2. The Neudorf Outpost Pack gives players access to a brand new single-player mission, and two exclusive new weapons. In the Neudorf Outpost mission, players must use their guile to carry out the demolition of a heavily defended German fuel dump in the Harz mountains.
Players will have to plan and meticulously execute their approach in this large, open environment.
Also featured in the pack are 2 brand new weapons, the M1 Carbine sniper rifle, and the Webley Mk. VI revolver. The Carbine sports a huge clip of 15 rounds and a very respectable rate of fire, while the Webley boasts decent accuracy and deals a devastating amount of damage at near and medium ranges.
Those interested can purchase the pack from here (priced at 3.99 euros).
In addition, the Sniper Elite V2 base game and franchise pack are on sale this week for 50% off.