Small success: SOPA hearings have been postponed


Good news everyone as the SOPA hearings that were about to take place on January 18th have been postponed. As we’ve stated and before, the bill needs to be re-worked because at its current form, it’s simply not acceptable. This has nothing to do with piracy, as we – and pretty much every other gaming website – are against it. So, this is a small success indeed, but the fight is not over yet. Although SOPA is temporarily on ice, it’s not dead and PIPA is still alive and well kicking.
Regarding the black-out of DSOGaming and the general January 18 blackout protests, we’re not sure what’s happening, since they were designed to coincide with the hearing. For the time being, we’ll wait and see what our colleagues will decide. If the media decide to go ahead and protest, regardless of this postponement, we’ll follow them.