Doom 2016 Demake in Quake Engine

Slayer’s Testament is a Doom 2016/Eternal Demake in the Quake Engine

Modder ‘bloodshot12’ released a new version of the Doom 2016 Demake in Quake Engine, Slayers Testament. As the title suggests, this mod aims to recreate the new-school Doom experience in the old Quake Engine.

Its latest version adds the Doom Eternal Ballista model and sounds. Moreover, it adds Ballista Arbalest Mod in the Eternal maps. Additionally, it adds some new visual fx features, like coronas for dynamic lights.

You can download the latest version of Slayers Testament from here. Below you can also find the complete changelog for it.

Slayers Testament Patch #4 Release Notes
  • Added Doom Eternal Ballista model + sounds
  • Added ballista arbalest mod in eternal maps(/or with forced eternal weaponset)
  • In DE maps chainsaw now regenerates to 1 ammo after 10 seconds
  • Updated equipment to use equipment launcher in DE maps (can launch grenades without interrupting shooting, different projectile origin)
  • Added cultist express (st2m2.bsp), a culist train inspired map for SP/DM, can be accessed from the custom map area in the hub, or typing “map st2m2” in console without quotes
  • Also added extra mapper features, nonsolid and trigger func_trains (SOLID_TRIGGER can turn them into moving hurt volumes), nonsolid doors, and DE monkeybar trigger
  • (shades) added shadowwood.bsp, heretice1m1.bsp and heretice1m2.bsp
  • Added visual fx feature
  • Light coronas for dynamic lights (faked using alpha), can be turned off with st_toggle_coronas
  • Updated HAR fire rate to match DE – increased Chaingun ROF during windup
Mod Corner - Slayer's Testaments (Quake Meets Doom Eternal)