Skyrim: Realistic Overhaul is a must-have graphical mod; overhauls the landscape textures

I know, I know, we promised an article with the best graphical mods for Skyrim. Although the article is coming and will, most probably, be ready this weekend, we really feel the need of mentioning some amazing and must-have mods. After gionight’s custom ENBSeries and Pluto’s Realistic Lighting Without Post-Processing Mod, here comes Starac with his landscape texture overhauling project. Skyrim: Realistic Overhaul is a must-have graphical mod and you can view some comparison shots bellow.
As the title suggests, this modification overhauls Skyrim with much better quality, landscape textures. These textures are designed and painted to perfectly match Skyrim environment. In other words, these are not simply touched up versions of the original textures. Design and color is very similar to vanilla and their resolution is 2048k, except from the mountain ones which are 4096k. This is still a Work In Progress project, meaning that newer versions will add more detailed textures.
Those interested can download it from here.
Enjoy the following shots!