Skyrim DLC to be revealed tomorrow; Kinect Update with 200 voice commands coming also tomorrow

Great news for Skyrim fans as Pete Hines, VP of PR and Marketing at Bethesda, has revealed that the first information about the first DLC of Skyrim will be revealed tomorrow. In addition, Bethesda will release tomorrow the X360 Kinect update for their title that will feature more than 200 voice commands.
Although we’ll get the information tomorrow, we can pretty much predict what this DLC will be all about. In the latest patch of Skyrim there was a little information about this upcoming DLC. According to the research of Skyrim’s forum member ‘Karellan,’ the first DLC will feature Snow elves, a Snow Elf Prince, crossbows, new vampire feeding animations, as well as something prefixed ‘RF.’
Take the above with a grain of salt, however Karellan’s research seems legit and there were some files in the latest patch with a DLC01 prefix. It does look legit but then again, the official announcement is coming tomorrow. So stay tuned for more!