Incoming Valve Announcement; ‘Wake up and smell the ashes’ gamers

Now this is really interesting. A couple of hours ago, IGN and Valve teased gamers about an incoming announcement. According to Valve, players should keep an eye on all the feeds from Valve’s Twitter account as something special will be announced pretty soon. IGN on the other hand tweeted a line from Half-Life 2’s intro sequence, while the DNS information of the official Half-Life 3 website has been updated. All these could mean that there might be an announcement regarding this rumored third part of the Half-Life franchise, however keep reading because there is more than meets the eye.
First of all, this upcoming announcement could be the Pyro class of Team Fortress 2. IGN tweeted the ‘Wake up and smell the ashes’ line from Half-Life 2’s intro, hinting that the announcement would be for the Half-Life franchise. However, this line could be very well used to also describe the Pyro class of TF2. After all, everything that Pyro touches turns into ashes, right? Moreover, there were also hints of Pyro inside the new video for Portal 2’s map creator that is coming on May 8th. At 1:15-1:25 mark, you can see on one of the lil guys computer screen what looks like the Pyro shooting flames.
Something is definitely coming from Valve these upcoming days, though it may not be what you’re hoping for. So keep your ‘excitement meter’ under control and stay tuned for more!