Shadow Warrior 2 dev: “Denuvo would make a worse version for our legit customers”, comments on downgraded visuals

Shadow Warrior 2 releases in a few days and Flying Wild Hog’s KriS has spoken about both the possibility of the final version featuring visuals that have been downgraded, as well as the absence of the Denuvo protection from this brand new title.

As KriS said, Flying Wild Hog has not downgraded the game’s visuals. In fact, the team has added a lot of new graphical effects since both the PAX East 2016 and the Quacon/Gamescom 2016 demos.

“It’s not downgraded. Actually, we added tons of new GFX features and content. For example, we have added volumetric fog and light shafts (from Pax East 2016), we added real-time reflections (from Quacon/Gamescom 2016), enabled real-time shadows for a lot of lights (from Quacon/Gamescom 2016)…”

KriS also claimed that a single GTX660 is able to push around 40fps on High settings, something that will definitely please a lot of PC gamers with weak GPUs.

When asked about the absence of a DRM like Denuvo, KriS said that even though Flying Wild Hog is against piracy, it was not okay with the idea of spending money on a DRM and making a worse version of its game for its legit customers.

“We don’t support piracy, but currently there isn’t a good way to stop it without hurting our customers. Denuvo means we would have to spend money for making a worse version for our legit customers. It’s like this FBI warning screen on legit movies.”

Shadow Warrior 2 releases on October 13th, so stay tuned for our PC Performance Analysis!