Selaco feature

Selaco is a new retro shooter on GZDoom, inspired by F.E.A.R. and Doom

A team of indie developers has announced a new retro shooter that will be running on the GZDoom Engine, Selaco. Selaco is a standalone game that draws inspiration from F.E.A.R in terms of action set pieces. Additionally, it mixes traditional retro-FPS elements from QUAKE and DOOM, along with some more modern features.

“Together with professional artists who work in the industry, several having worked on successful throwback FPS games in the past, Selaco is a fully fleshed out world full of character, action, and mystery.”

Now contrary to other GZDoom mods, Selaco will be a paid game. So yeah, that’s a bummer as the game feels a bit rough around the edges (at least for now). Then again, I totally understand this decision (hey, someone has to pay the bills, right?).

Selaco promises to have enemies that will be fully aware of each other’s presence and work together to take you down. They will keep their distance if you apply constant pressure on them, will rush you if you hide or run out of bullets, toss grenades if you use the same cover for too long, and much more.

The game also promises to have a lengthy story-driven campaign, and intense action set-pieces. It will also have a full-length original soundtrack, as well as some extra modes.

Lastly, you can find below a gameplay trailer for it.


Selaco - A brand new upcoming GZDoom shooter