Sector 7-4-9er Is Coming To The PC

Sector 7-4-9er
Most of you will definitely know our reader eaze2009. Harris has been contributing to our website with some of his articles, and we are delighted to inform you about his first game (well, his first game as a composer as the man behind it is actually Casey Sillito). Titled Sector 7-4-9er, this indie 2D isometric shooter lets players mine asteroids and struggle to survive on the frontiers of space with only your wits and a tiny mining ship in this arcade-style game.
Players will be able to dig their way through massive, dynamically generated asteroids and discover ancient alien technology. In addition, they’ll be able to adjust the difficulty anywhere from super-casual to a hard-core fight for survival.
According to Harris, the PC version of Sector 7-4-9er will benefit from smoother frame rates and better color pallets.
There is no ETA yet, but there will be a public demo for anyone to try in the near future.
You can also view a video for this upcoming indie shooter below.
Sector 7-4-9er Release Trailer