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Sea of Thieves October 2019 update available for download, adds new fortress and banjos

Microsoft and Rare have released the free October update to Sea of Thieves. Fort of the Damned encourages you to seek out a fearsome fortress and take on the most exciting Skeleton Fort challenge yet to earn huge rewards including a guaranteed Chest of Legends.

As the press release reads, pirates must undertake Voyages to find Ritual Skulls. Pirates will also have to claim the Flames of Fate , and then band together to take down the Fort. As such, it’s time for ships to raise their Alliance flags, work together and answer the call.

Fort of the Damned is the biggest update to Sea of Thieves’ popular Skeleton Fort feature since launch. This update offers players action-packed new challenges and massive rewards. The new Fort can be activated on demand as long as the in-game requirements are met, allowing players to take on this new challenge as often as they want. Moreover, it’s a permanent new addition to the game that will remain available beyond October’s update.

This update also adds Skeleton Pets in the Pirate Emporium. These pets are: Skeleton Cockatoo and Skeleton Marmoset. Contrary to the Fort of the Damned, these pets will only be available this month. In November, they will no longer be available. Players can also find the Cutthroat Ship Collection inspired by Killer Instinct, Rare’s legendary fighting game, together with a new collection of emotes including the indispensable Taunt Emote bundle.

Furthermore, pirates now have the opportunity to compete as part of a two-person Sloop crew in the Arena. The update also adds banjos as a new way to play Shanties.

Have fun!