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Sea of Thieves Anniversary Update is now available for download

Microsoft has announced that the Anniversary Update for Sea of Thieves is now available for download. According to the publisher, this update introduces a variety of new game modes, requested gameplay features and enhancements that reshape the ways players enjoyed the game.

‘The Arena’ is described as a new and highly-competitive player vs. player multiplayer experience that distils the quintessential “Sea of Thieves” gameplay of sailing, shooting and looting into fixed-length play sessions where rewards are given not just for success, but for the havoc you wreak along the way.

On the other hand, ‘Tall Tales – Shores of Gold’ is the first set of Tall Tales which provide narrative-focused adventures taking place within the shared world of “Sea of Thieves” and can be enjoyed by crews and solo players alike. In Shores of Gold, pirates will assemble the mythical Shroudbreaker artefact, seeking to use its power and reach a mysterious island filled with fabulous riches.

Also included in the Anniversary Update are the oft-requested fishing, cooking and hunting with the brand-new Hunter’s Call Trading Company. Additionally, pirates can interact with the world of “Sea of Thieves” in all-new ways with tools and mechanics such as the harpoon and expanded ship damage.