Scoregasm is a fantastic kaleidoscopic indie shooter that comes out this September

Spotted by RPS, Scoregasm is an incredible kaleidoscopic shooter with some brilliant special particles effects and… well… lots of action as its a trademark for almost every kaleidoscopic shooter. Developed by Charlie’s Games, the game is set in a little galaxy comprised of various different arenas that have been invaded by naughty space baddies and it’s your job to sort them out.
Scoregasm promises to feature 43 levels to find in the main game, multiple routes and endings, over 100 different enemy types, fancy pants 3D graphics – as we can see in the following trailer, online scores for every game mode and achievements.
In addition, RPS have an exclusive demo of Scoregasm that can be downloaded via the link in the first paragraph. The demo provides 30 to 60 minutes of explodey action for a 48 megabyte download.
Enjoy the following trailer!
Scoregasm is slated for release this September 2011 on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. Those interested can pre-order it from here and play it now.
Scoregasm Trailer Aug 11