Batman: Arkham City will not be a GFWL game

It seems that more and more PC games are moving away from GFWL. And it’s only natural since most of PC gamers are not happy with Microsoft’s service. The next one in this long list – after Skyrim – is Rocksteady’s upcoming third person action adventure game, Batman: Arkham City.
According to Green Man Gaming’s Twitter account, the game won’t use GFWL although it will be released under the Games for Windows label. Contrary to Skyrim though, we don’t know whether Batman: Arkham City will use Steamworks. So I bet that most of you will be celebrating now, especially those that hate this service. Hooraaaaaay.
As Green Man Gaming tweeted:
“We’ve just received notice from Warner’s that Batman is Games for Windows but NOT a Games for Windows ‘Live’ title!”
Batman: Arkham City is scheduled for an October 21st release on PC, X360 and PS3!