S.T.A.L.K.E.R. MISERY 2.0 Mod Releases On July 31st, New Trailer Is Out

Now this completely passed under our radar. Last week, the team responsible the amazing Misery mod for STALKER 2 released a new trailer for it, showcasing some of the features that are coming in this new version of the mod. Misery 2.0 is planned for a July 31st release and promises to overhaul GSC’s title in almost every way.
Misery 2.0 will feature:
-New sun flare effect when staring at direct sunlight and improved sky cube box rendering.
-New redesigned structure material textures for a more gritty and less colourful environment.
-New scope designs with authentic reticle designs for all weapons.
-Conceptualized version of Armory Mod that generates many new NPC looks and designs.
-Special version of Absolute Nature 3 including higher grass draw distances.
-Redesign of several mutant skins. I.e. the Pseudo Giant has a new facial design.
-New helmet HUDs with 12 condition stages for each helmet category.
-Dozens of new improved sound effects for weapons, mutants, ambience and NPCs.
-Ambient soundtracks for all areas have been redesigned and expanded.
-Breathing sfx implemented and they even relate to your movement + worn headgear.
-All main bases have radios playing real life music.
-Unique version of Massive Simulation Overhaul (MSO); that makes NPC behavior more challenging and diverse. It even adds a variety of NPC professions (like these Hunters).
-Huge improvements to a-life and battle AI; NPC’s explore many new locations with many new smart terrains added to the system; NPC’s are now far more challenging and have varied approaches to firefights based on faction and rank.
-Advanced game progression ensures a challenging gameplay from beginning to the end of the game; Factions are reacting much quicker to your gameplay choices and faction relations; Whatever faction you support the opposing faction will call upon their veterans to hunt you down.
-Economy system overhauled to ensure a balanced and challenging game progression.
-A-life has been overhauled with hundreds of new smart terrains and alternate spawn points for both mutants and factions in all areas/maps. Expect a hugely variated and different a-life than what vanilla Call of Pripyat offers.
-Battery life added as new micro gameplay element that must be managed and handled with a Universal Power Device (UPD)
-Weapon are auto-holstered when using items (like bandages, consumables etc.)
-Logarithmic repair system implemented for enhanced logic in the aspects of repair costs; All based on your maintaining of the gear.
-Some zombies have now dropped their weaponry to the ground and walk around just staring at you. They can now be killed with direct shots to their spine, heart or head. See teaser
-NPC’s can now fight in melee and knock you down.
-UI overhaul of all item terms, units, scales and measurements for in-depth authenticism.
-Redesigned stamina system (there is no longer a maximum weight limit). The lighter you choose to travel the longer you can run without resting.
-Consumables are divided into ‘Zone Produced’ and ‘Imported Goods’.
-Flame particles removed from gunfire for realism. This also makes firefights more challenging. See examples on Youtube
-Realistic fall damage (individual for each USS specialization).
-Medics will now charge you for their services. Nothing is for free, in the Zone.
-Minimap removed and you must now navigate with the use of terrain and your PDA map. But a damage indicator has been re-added to let you know where shots are coming from. This is done to replicate that you would have a clue in real life for such circumstances.
-NPC’s no longer have infinite ammunition for their primary weapons like rifles, shotguns, etc. So you will see them switch to backup weapons (if they have any).
-Hugely improved aspects of stealth and NPC awareness.
-All weapon sights have been aligned for both widescreen and 4:3 monitor resolutions.
-Full version of New Ordnance submod bringing multiple variations of many weapons including worn, modern and camouflaged profiles. All are tradeable, customizable and used by NPC’s.
-New Ordnance focuses on diversity of vanilla weapons but you can expect a few surprises on top of this. Watch trailer.
-All weapons overhauled in terms of stats, feel, behavior and texted descriptions. We also tweaked the muzzle flashes to correspond better with real life weapon muzzle effects.
-Weapon upgrade trees now require you to ‘choose a path’ for their customization pros and cons.
-New weapons added: FN FAL, SAKO TRG-42, 5 knives + new types of ammo
-All NPC’s have unique inventory with new items that are based on faction, rank and profession.
-Crows can be hunted and looted along with all other mutants. There are also lots of new mutant parts to collect, including pelts and skins.
-150+ new items added, including handheld flashlight, drugs, kits, faction patches, Stims, physical rubles and even some interactive environmental props.
-The 3 USS classes now have even more unique strengths and weaknesses, making a much more dynamic style of game play and providing maximum mod-replay ability.
-Each class have their own unique main menu design with special musical moods and you will now be able to change your class through the main menu (no need to reinstall the mod).
-Armour attachments; Including kevlar plates, artifact containers, titanium frames and more can be attached to your suit for special purposes.
-Mutant hunting mod; provides the ability to cut meat from mutants and sell it for scientific or consumable purposes. You can even buy cooked mutant meals at the Skadovsk and Jupiter Station.
-Create your own interactive stash with a waterproof and camouflaged backpack.
-Quick Release System for your instant drop of backpack (and all unequipped items).
-Optional hardcore game start: Chorna Doroha “The Black Road”.
-NPC’s may surrender to you during combat.
S.T.A.L.K.E.R. MISERY 2.0 trailer