Quantum Break To Be Released On The PC On April 5th [UPDATE: Officially Coming To The PC]

German website GameStar reported today that Quantum Break will be released simultaneously on the PC and Xbox One on April 5th. GameStar claimed that this information came straight from Remedy during a preview event, and that the PC version will support Windows 10.

It appears that GameStar was too quick to reveal such a thing, as it has already deleted its story. WCCFTech was able to capture some images from it though.


Our guess is that GameStar was too quick to hit the “publish” button as the PC version is only rumoured at this point. Perhaps Microsoft contacted them in order to take down the page until it officially reveals this particular version.

For what is worth, the embargo for that particular preview event lifts in two hours.

Back in January, we informed you about the game being rated for the PC by the Brazilian Classification Board.

We also know that Remedy wants to bring its title to the PC, so it will be interesting to see whether it will actually hit our platform or not.

Moreover, and since Quantum Break will be a killer-app for Xbox One, it will be interesting to see whether Microsoft will release it simultaneously on the PC.

As always, take everything you just read with a grain of salt!


Microsoft and Remedy have officially announced that Quantum Break is coming to the PC on April 5th. The game will support Windows 10 (no mention of any other OS) and Microsoft has released the following new screenshots for the game!