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Rumour: AMD’s Ryzen CPU lineup leaked, 17 CPU models reported to be coming

Chinese website Coolaler has leaked AMD’s Ryzen CPU lineup. According to the report, AMD will be offering 17 CPU models that will compete with Intel’s i5 and i7 CPUs.

Since this lineup has not been confirmed yet, we strongly suggest everything you are about to read with a grain of salt.

AMD plans to tackle Intel’s i7 CPUs with the AMD R7 1700 Ryzen (normal and X versions) and the AMD R7 1800 Ryzen (normal and X versions). Both of these chips will feature eight cores, sixteen threads, and will be clocked at 3-3.6Ghz, though it’s still unknown their turbo boost frequency.

AMD’s R7 1600 and R7 1500 will compete with Intel’s i5 7600 and 7500 CPUs. These chips will feature six CPU cores and twelve threads, and will be clocked at 3.2-3.5Ghz.

Moreover, AMD’s R5 1400X will compete with Intel’s i5 7400, and will come with four CPU cores and eight threads.

AMD will be also offering 7 other CPU models that will most probably target the low-range market.

Unfortunately, we still don’t know the price of these chips. The good news is that AMD plans to release Ryzen in early March, so we’ll most probably hear more about it in the coming weeks!

Thanks Overclock3D