Rumor: New Unannounced Game From EIDOS Montreal To Be Revealed In The Coming Months

Thief 2 The Metal Age
VG247 has reported an interesting rumor today. According to them, the LinkedIn CV of a former EIDOS Montreal employee may hint at an upcoming reveal. And do we have to say that there is a rumor about Thief 4 being developed by EIDOS Montreal? Of course nothing is certain at this point, so take everything you are about to read with a grain of salt.
The LinkedIn CV of Alexandre Richer, generalist/UI programmer at Ubisoft, spilled the beans, revealing that a new game from EIDOS Montreal will be unveiled in the coming months. Naturally, some of you may be wondering what has Ubisoft to do with EIDOS Montreal. The answer is simple; Alexandre Richer worked previously at Eidos Montreal.


Back in June 2012, we informed you about a leaked video from Thief 4. As EIDOS Montreal has already stated, Thief 4 will offer a gameplay similar to the one of Deus Ex: Human Revolution, and will be powered by Unreal Engine 3.
Although we don’t know the platforms for which this new Thief game is being made for, we can assume that it will be coming to next-generation consoles and PC.
Stay tuned for more!
Thief 4 Leaked Trailer