Rumor: Microsoft in Talks to Buy AMD

According to recent rumors Microsoft is allegedly in talks to acquire semiconductor manufacturer AMD. The talks supposedly began a few months ago.

Buying AMD makes sense for Microsoft, an obvious immediate benefit would be the savings on Xbox One’s APU. Funnily enough it would mean Microsoft, via AMD, is also powering both PS4 and Wii U, a situation neither Sony or Nintendo would be able to change until their hardware refreshes. That said Xbox is not the only reason they might want the CPU/GPU giant though, it’s probably not even the main one. If the buy-out were to happen they could have cheaper access to AMD components for other hardware, like tablets or phones. Which is likely the largest driver of Microsoft’s interest.

AMD is currently valued at $1.81 billion USD, while Microsoft has ~$95 billion in cash. So it’s completely within the realm of possibility.

What do you guys think? I like AMD personally, I currently have an Intel processor + Radeon, before in my previous build I had an AMD processor + a GeForce GTX. I want to see them stick around and I think this might be a good fit.

Source: KitGuru



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