Rockstar temporarily removes GTA: Vice City from Steam due to music licensing issues

Earlier yesterday, a lot of PC gamers noticed something awkward on Steam’s digital store. Even though GTA: Vice City was previously available for purchase, it was suddenly removed. And since GTA V was not announced – officially – for the PC, a lot of gamers got worried; did Rockstar give PC gamers the finger once again?
Well, it seems that’s not the case as the game was taken down (temporarily) due to a music licensing issue.
Rockstar confirmed on Steam’s forum that the game will be back online after they address the licensing issue.
“Due to some music licensing issues, we’ve had to temporarily remove Vice City PC from digital stores. We’ll make it available again as soon as possible.”
According to CinemaBlend, the tune that caused all this trouble was Michael Jackson’s Wanna be Startin’ Something’, a tune that plays on Vice City’s Fever 105 station.
In other news, the original version of Doom 3 is once again available on Steam.