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Rocket League has been review bombed after announcement of Epic Store exclusivity

Another game has been tested by Steam’s new review moderation algorithm as the store page of  Rocket League succumbs to an inordinate amount of negative reviews. This follows after an article from Variety in which a public relations statement from Epic Store announced that Rocket League will become another exclusive to their client.

As we wrote recently, Psyonix, the studio behind this immensely popular vehicular soccer game, was acquired by Epic Games about three days ago. We also mentioned that Epic plans to become the exclusive online platform for Rocket League some time towards the end of this year, however Steam support and upcoming DLC will not end with the migration.

Still, the news has not been received kindly by gamers, and the game’s Steam page exhibits their sentiments in the review section. The rating stands at ‘Very Positive’ within opening the page, however the asterisk next to the rating indicates that ‘Off-topic review activity’ filtration is in effect. This is Steam’s method of attempting to prevent a game’s overall rating being altered by review bombing. However, users still have the option to have such activity included on their own Steam clients if they so choose.

Psyonix has answered several additional questions on what this means for the future of their game on their website.

Source: The Verge