Road Redemption – Spiritual Successor To Road Rash – To Be Fully Released This Summer

DarkSeas Games has announced that it plans to fully release the spiritual successor to Road Rash, Road Redemption, this Summer. In addition, DarkSeas Games has detailed the next update for the game’s Steam Early Access build.

The next update for Road Redemption will feature:

  • Improved bike driving and physics
  • Revamped enemy AI
  • Entirely new user interface
  • New weapon upgrade system
  • Unlockable bikes and riders
  • Better missions with greater variety
  • Story Integration
  • Updated levels with more routes to drive
  • Improved visuals of enemies and vehicles
  • Several new enemy types including challenging late level enemies
  • Boss fights
  • Splitscreen co-op improvements
  • Online multiplayer!

Regarding the game’s release, this is what DarkSeas Games had to say:

“Our current plan is to finish development of the PC version by the end of this summer. As we march toward that goal, we’ll be releasing several new builds on Steam Early Access to show everyone our progress. This will include a beta version of online multiplayer.”

Thanks RPS