Risk of Rain 2 sells half a million copies in its first week of Early Access

Hopoo Games has announced that Risk of Rain 2, the sequel to its beloved indie hit, is set to cross half a million copies sold by the end of the weekend, welcoming nearly 650,000 players to the community thanks to the game’s initial BOGO sale. A part of that sale, approximately 150,000 players had the opportunity to bring another friend to the growing Risk of Rain community.

Duncan Drummond, Co-founder of Hopoo Games, said:

“I just wanted to say from the whole team how absolutely floored we are with the reception so far. I was personally hoping for something to match at least half of the original game: apparently we’re doing a LOT better. It’s absolutely surreal – thank you all again.”

As the press release reads, Risk of Rain 2 brings 3D graphics and third-person shooter mechanics to the franchise while maintaining that classic co-op roguelike gameplay fans love from the original. Hopoo Games is working with Gearbox Publishing to make Risk of Rain 2 the best game of its kind.

With the first patch having addressed initial community feedback, Hopoo Games now turns its sights to aligning on the early access roadmap. The plan is to deliver more content (characters, stages, bosses and items) and to make sure the game is super polished by the time it officially launches. This will include additional game features, platforms and localization, delivered as a mixture of larger content updates interspersed with patches and hotfixes. The cadence and content of these updates will be announced at a later time.

Steve Gibson, head of Gearbox Publishing, added:

“We’re pretty sure Paul and Duncan at Hopoo Games hunger to crush it. A chance spotting by a family member at PAX has turned into a developer/publisher match that we can’t imagine being better. We’re thrilled that Gearbox Publishing can help bring more eyes to Hopoo’s masterful new entry to the roguelike genre. Gearbox Publishing will be doing all we can to support Hopoo getting Risk of Rain 2 to as many players as possible.”