Risen 2: Dark Waters enters closed beta phase in February 20th

Great news for all Risen fans, as Risen 2: Dark Waters’ closed beta will go live on February 20th. Those who purchased the European Collector’s Edition of the first Risen will surely remember that an access code for a “beta test” for the next game by Piranha Bytes was part of that box. Good news for you then, as you can go ahead and register to Risen 2’s closed beta website and get your Steam code for it.
Here are the steps for getting access to the closed beta phase:

1.)Buy Collector’s Edition to get access code<
2.)Register with Deep Silver to get personal access code
3.)Register on www.betatest.risen2.com to get Steam download code
4.)Register on Steam and use last code to download the demo

The beta will run from February 20th to March 2nd.