Risen 2: Dark Waters – DLCs can be unlocked via the in-game console

Man, that’s just sad. Risen was a great PC title that was not plagued with all issues that were present in previous Piranha Bytes’ games. SLI was working fine, there were not major pop-ups, performance was good… generally speaking, it was a polished game – for Piranha Bytes’ standards. Fast forward a couple of years and here we are with a really broken game called Risen 2: Dark Waters. Now I don’t want to be harsh, but I’m pretty sure that the multiplatform development had a major impact to the PC version. I tell you guys, it’s a really broken game. And what’s even more disappointing is the fact that the day-one DLC that was released for Risen 2 can be easily unlocked via the in-game console.
It’s pretty easy to actually activate the DLCs. First of all, players will have to enable the in-game console. Then, you’ll simply have to enable a Tester Mode that is present in Risen 2 and type the DLC activation commands. GameFaqs member ‘Dexter111’ has posted a guide at GameFaqs board, so you should follow his steps.
The only downside to this workaround is that you won’t be getting the voice overs for those parts of the game. Apparently, when someone buys and enables the DLCs, a respective “dialogue_language_dlc3.pak” gets downloaded to be used for the spoken dialogue. Since you’re not buying the DLCs, you won’t be able to download these .pak files. The good news on the other hand is that you will get even the exclusive DLC that was only for the “Stahlbart’s Schatz” edition of the game.
Here is Dexter111’s guide:
“The only thing happening when one downloads/activates a DLC by buying it, is that it gets activated within the game and a respective “dialogue_language_dlc3.pak” gets downloaded to be used for the spoken dialogue (the Treasure Island DLC for instance is only 48MB big as far as I know).
Some people found a way around this in the Test Mode of the game, apparently one can enter a Test Mode by blindly typing “pommes” in game, it should display “TestMode Activated” and enable the console which one can be opened with the “^”-key left of the “1”, after that apparently spawning “DLC helpers” seems to work:
spawn dlc1h
spawn dlc2h
spawn dlc3h
After activating the DLCs they are supposedly fully functional (even the one that was exclusive for the “Stahlbart’s Schatz” edition of the game) aside from missing voice overs for those parts of the game.”