Rise: Race The Future is a new arcade racer, coming to Steam on October 26th

VD-dev Games has announced that its upcoming arcade racing game, Rise: Race The Future, will be coming to Steam on October 26th. In order to celebrate this announcement, the team has also released a new trailer that you can find below.

Rise: Race The Future promises to allow players experience the most addictive racing gameplay as they will be able to drift and slide like never before thanks to an exceptional fluid and precise physics-based slippery handling. The game promises to feature unique futuristic cars, smooth powerslides, jumps and water zones taken straight from old-school arcade racing games.

It definitely looks cool and since it’s being made by a really small team, we can’t really be too harsh about it. Still, what a lot of indie developers need to realize is that a lot of gamers fell in love with all those arcade racers due to their incredible visuals (at their time of release). Virtua Racing, Sega Rally 2, Daytona USA and Scud Race looked phenomenal and beyond anything we’ve ever played when they came out. After all, there is a reason most of us remember these games and not other 3D racing games from other companies – like Konami – that did not look as impressive as SEGA’s offerings. Hell, even the original Ridge Racer – a game with even more unrealistic drifts that those of Rise: Race The Future – made a name for itself mainly thanks to its tech and visuals.

But anyway, enjoy the trailer below!

Rise: Race The Future - Gameplay Trailer (4k - 60 fps)