Rise Of The Triad’s Latest Update Is Packed With Optimizations, Brings Mouse Smoothing Launcher

Rise of the Triad
Interceptor has released a new update for the remake of Rise of the Triad. According to the changelog, this patch comes with a mouse smoothing launcher, disables mouse smoothing and smooth framerate locks by default, and brings various optimizations in order to increase the game’s performance. The update will be auto-downloaded next time you start your Steam client, and you can find its complete changelog below. Moreover, Interceptor has another content patch scheduled to go live next week. Enjoy!
Rise of the Triad Update 1.0.2 Changelog:
– Enabled “Stat FPS” console command to monitor ingame framerate
– ”ARE YOU SURE?” When restarting level added
– Arrow and Numberpad Keys + Special Characters, now bindable
– If restarting a checkpoint with Armor in Singleplayer, the armor will work properly
– Godhand in Multiplayer Nerfed. It will now respawn every 5 minutes and last 10 seconds
– Scope/Blood is no longer stuck on screen if a Client happens to Die while activated
– Disabled mouse smoothing by default
– Added mouse smoothing launcher config option
– Disabled smooth framerate locks by default
– Increased the size of several memory pools to increase performance
– Added several texture rendering optimizations
– Added a variety of texture streaming optimizations