Ridge Racer: Unbounded – PC patch to fix the ‘MP invitation’ issues coming next week

Man, Ridge Racer: Unbounded PC was certainly broken at its time of release. Alongside the Level Editor bug, the game suffered from a Multiplayer issue. Long story short, PC gamers cannot invite their friends in a game. This is a major issue and Bugbear has revealed that they are working on a new update that might hit Steam next week.
As Bugbear said when a fan asked whether the team was looking into the PC invitation issue:
“Yes, we’re working on the PC invites. Hoping next week.”
As we said, the game has also suffered from an issue with its Level Editor. While it was a frustrating bug, Bugbear released a day-one patch that fixed it. If you haven’t played Ridge Racer: Unbounded this weekend, make sure to at least open your Steam client. The update for the Level Editor will be then auto-downloaded.
Stay tuned for our Performance Analysis too about it!