Richard Garriott’s Shroud of the Avatar – Now Available On Steam Early Access

Portalarium announced today that Shroud of the Avatar, from legendary game designer Richard Garriott, is available on Steam via its Early Access program. As the press release reads, the latest update, Release 12, will be available to Steam Early Access subscribers today. With this update the game is now available 24/7 (except for planned downtimes).

Creative Director Richard Garriott said:

“We are excited to be pushing the doors wide-open to Shroud of the Avatar. When we applied for Early Access for the game, we received our green light in less than three days. In fact Steam players gave the OK with an 86 percent approval rating. What they’ll find is a fantasy RPG that harkens back to my earlier games in the genre, but with modern day technology that combines a single player narrative with an Ultima-like sandbox MMO.”

Release 12 provides several new features to fans and backers of Shroud of the Avatar, including:

· An in-game hint system and New User Experience
· More than 15 new skills
· More than 50 new weapon and armor crafting recipes
· 40 new songs (all crowd sourced by players)
· Skill Trainers – When a player levels up they’ll now have to go to trainers to unlock skills
· New Maps – Ravenswood Forest, Tower of the Shuttered Eye
· The Overworld Map now has polished visuals and random encounters
· Guilds
· Open PVP flags
· The death system now includes being transformed into a ghost when you die
· Alien FX support for Alienware keyboards and cases
And that’s not all. Over the past two months several other features have been released in Shroud of the Avatar, including:
· New Scenes – Solace Bridge, Kobold Battle Camp, Swamps, Obsidian Keep, Vertas Pass, The Challenge Dungeon
· Character advancement
· More than 40 new spells and skills in Death Magic, Armor, and Ranged Weapons
· Control points
· Spectator mode in PVP arenas
· Multiple character creation options including detailed customization of facial features (eyes, cheeks, jaw, chin, nose, ears, etc.)
· PVP duels
· Pet commands


Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtues - Early Access Trailer