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Elite: Dangerous Releases On December 16th, Single-Player Missions Available On November 26th

Frontier Developments held its Elite: Dangerous Premiere event at RAF Duxford Imperial War Museum on November 22nd, where it officially closed the game’s Beta process, released the final Gamma development build, and launched the official Elite: Dangerous iOS companion app.

In addition, the team has announced that on November 26th all players who have pre-ordered the game can download and play the game’s single player combat missions in preparation for Elite: Dangerous’ 16 December launch, when players will influence the vicious power struggle to succeed the recently-deceased Emperor.

The Gamma phase is described as the final stepping stone en route to launch and is open to everyone who helped crowdfund development via Kickstarter or Frontier’s own website prior to mid-December 2013. The Gamma release implements the crowdfunding backer ‘starting positions’ that were part of the reward tiers, and opens the full 400 Billion star systems of the most advanced virtual representation of the Milky Way galaxy ever created for a videogame. Backers can blaze their own trail alone or with friends in a massively multiplayer shared galaxy prior to Elite: Dangerous’ official launch on 16 December.

The Elite: Dangerous iOS companion app is available as a free download from iTunes. Android and Windows Phone versions will also be made available, with release dates yet to be announced but expected before the end of the year.

The game’s online, ever unfolding story starts with the 16 December launch with players participating in the vicious power struggle between the potential heirs to the recently-deceased Emperor, as the Federation and Alliance – the Empire’s rival galactic superpowers – attempt to manipulate the succession battle for their own advantage. Like every story in Elite: Dangerous’ shared galaxy, players will decide the outcome.

Elite: Dangerous includes ‘out of the box’ support for 4K ultra-high definition screens, Track IR and Oculus Rift VR for those with appropriate hardware.


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