Resident Evil Village artwork

Resident Evil Village to be the longest RE Engine game to date

A lot of Resident Evil fans were disappointed by how short Resident Evil 3 Remake actually was. However, it appears that the upcoming Resident Evil games will be longer than that. According to Capcom insider Dusk Golem, Resident Evil 8: Village will be the longest RE Engine game to date.

Since Resident Evil 4 Remake has also been leaked, Dusk Golem suggests that this remake will be also longer than RE3R. Which, to be honest, makes perfect sense as the original RE4 was longer than the original RE3.

Dusk Golem had previously successfully leaked details for Resident Evil Village, such as its darker theme and its disturbing enemy designs.

Resident Evil 8 will be cross-gen, meaning that it will hit both current-gen and next-gen platforms. It will feature a first-person perspective and most of the themes from the previous leaks will be present. You can find the previous Resident Evil 8 leaks here and here.

Do note that Dusk Golem’s track record is not 100% accurate. In June 2020, he claimed that Capcom had cancelled the current-gen versions of Resident Evil Village. However, the previous Resident Evil Ambassador playtest was on the PS4Pro.

Rumors also suggested that Capcom would show a new trailer for Resident Evil Village in August 2020. With Sony’s event out of the way, the only upcoming digital event for which this may happen is Gamescom 2020.

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