First Resident Evil 8 rumours; first-person camera, Chris Redfield to re-appear, new enemies & more

It appears that the first details/rumours for Resident Evil 8 have surfaced online. Residence of Evil has leaked these first details and Nibel has acknowledged them, stating that this matches the stuff he’s been hearing.

Now as always, we suggest taking everything you are about to read with a grain of salt. The following information may be legit. Moreover, and since the game is in development, Capcom may change some things.

According to Residence of Evil, Resident Evil 8 will not be called… Resident Evil 8. Instead, Capcom will use another title for this game. However, this new RE game will be a continuation of Resident Evil 7 and will retain the first-person camera viewpoint.

According to the leak, Ethan from Resident Evil 7 will return. Chris Redfield will also return in some form. The game will have zombies (duh) and there will be some new types of enemies. One of them is a wolf-like creature/werewolf. Moreover, there will be a new stalker enemy type.

The game may have a village and a castle. Furthermore, there might be snowy and mountain areas/levels.

You can find the video containing this information below. Again, take everything you just read with a grain of salt. After all, Capcom has not officially announced Resident Evil 8 yet.