Resident Evil 6 Benchmark Officially Released, Capcom Explains Lack Of DX11 Mode

Resident Evil 6 v2
Yesterday, we informed you about the leaked version of Resident Evil 6’s benchmark. Capcom was quick to react and has – finally – officially released this benchmark. Those interested can download it from Nvidia’s GeForce website. Naturally, if you have already downloaded – via other means – there is no point in re-downloading as nothing has been changed; the benchmark that was leaked yesterday was the real deal and not an early version of it.
As we can clearly see, Resident Evil 6 is a DX9.0c game and does not support any DX10 or DX11 features. But why is this happening? After all, we all remember Capcom’s previous games that featured support for the latest APIs. So what happened and the Japanese developer has dropped support for both DX10 and Dx11?
According to Capcom’s Sven, the company is trying to minimize the gab between the consoles and the PC releases, and that’s why there is no support for DX11.
As Sven told a fan who asked the same question:
“The original games on consoles are DX9. We have prioritized getting PC releases closer to day and date (as we did with DmC, DR2, DR2:OTR, SSFIV:AE, etc.) than taking advantage of DX11 at the moment.”
Sven added that the PC versions are the best versions of Capcom’s games, and that they are better than the majority of console ports from other publishers in terms of features support.