IGN Decides To Shut Down 1UP and Gamespy

Get ready for some bad news. IGN has decided to shut down 1UP and Gamespy. Naturally, some may say “Hey, this is good news for you guys. Less competition means more viewers coming at your site“. However, that’s not really the case and we don’t want to look at this from a competitive perspective. Gamespy was a legendary gaming portal and it saddens us that it will be shut down.
As Gamespy’s Editor In Chief, Dan Stapleton, stated:
“Why is this closure happening, then? It’s a business thing, and like most business things it’s not easy to explain or understand unless you spend all day crunching numbers and paying bills. Which I don’t. So here’s the simple version that even I can comprehend: Ziff Davis wants to run an efficient, focused company, and managing several different sites that all cover videogames isn’t exactly the model of efficiency. Even though GameSpy had its own unique voice that was separate and distinct from those of our sister sites, and there has always been value in that, it’s hard to argue with that logic. Even if it does totally suck.”
At this point, we’d like to also link to an interesting story from Ars Technica. Ars Technica talked about the various AdBlockers that are really popular these days. In short words, Arstechnica concluded that AdBlockers are basically hurting your favourite sites and will perhaps lead to the closure of them.
We don’t know whether the closure of Gamespy and 1UP are a result of the AdBlockers. There was definitely something going on in the background, however we are not sure what that was.
Gamespy was an awesome website with a great history. I still remember reading them back in the Voodoo2 days. But Gamespy was also present on today’s age: Gamespy called out Microsoft’s neglect of PC gamers, mocked Ubisoft’s claims of a day-and-date PC release of Assassin’s Creed 3, broke the news on SimCity’s lack of save/reload, and and featured an amazingly bizarre The War Z interview.
RIP Gamespy and we will definitely miss you!