Remedy releases new patch for Quantum Break that… removes its FRAPS watermark

Two weeks ago, we informed you about the appearance of a FRAPS watermark in the ending of Quantum Break. This issue affected both the Steam and the Win10 versions of the game, and today Remedy released a patch for the Steam version that removes this watermark.

It’s really cool that Remedy has addressed this issue, though one would expect the company to… I don’t know… improve the game’s performance on both DX11 and DX12?

I also believe that it’s quite obvious by now that the Win10 version is left to its fate, and won’t be further improved.

For what is worth – and according to SteamSpy’s numbers – the Steam version of Quantum Break has sold 50K units.

Remedy has not revealed any changelog for this patch, so you should not expect any fixes or improvements. The team claimed that it is currently looking into fixing the crashes that have been reported by its fans.